The HYDRA line of Machines is like nothing you've ever seen. We've engineered the first true grinding, honing, polishing, and maintenance machine made for both wet and dry polishing. It's been upgraded with intuitive and state-of-the-art features never before brought together. It's an all-in-one machine that gets the job done, and saves you time and money in the process.
Check out some of the patent-pending features that you'll only find on the The HYDRA:
Passive Planetary Grinding System
All of our machines have patent-pending twin three-head grinding spindles--with enclosed bearing assemblies and durable flex-head drivers--giving you optimal performance for grinding, honing, cleaning, maintenance, and restoration systems. They produce a balanced operation, allows for adaptation of 11", 14", or 17" grinding plates, brushes, or pad drivers, and it flexes with the floor, providing up to 95 lbs. of pressure per tool. For your convenience, it's also compatible with all manufacturers' tooling.  
Perfected SlurryShield
Comprising five patent-pending parts that provide a completely sealed enclosure, the SlurryShield protects all mechanical components from slurry and dust contamination, extending the service life of the machine. That means a lot less cleaning and maintenance.
Water Feed Kit
Our custom Water Feed Kit provides adequate and controlled water flow with undercarriage spray jets. You can activate this feature with a simple button control. This kit also comes with a secure attachment to prevent kinks in the water line, allowing the operator to drag hundreds of feet with ease.
Vacuum Hose Tender
The custom Vacuum Hose Tender kit allows the operator to contain and collect the dust generated from dry cutting AS IT'S BEING PRODUCED, resulting in virtually no dust on site.
23HP Briggs & Stratton Certified Propane Conversion Kit - HYDRA 6 
This conversion kit provides an EPA Certified propane conversion with an onboard carbon monoxide monitor. Also included are 33 lb. propane tank loops to securely hold your 33 lb. vapor tank, which provides up to 4 hours of run time. Choose an optional catalytic muffler to keep emissions extremely low.  
Ford Power Products 84 HP Gasoline-LPG Engine - HYDRA 10
This engine produces optimum torque and power to the floor. 
Ford Power Products 3.7L V6 Engine - HYDRA 12
Optimum torque and power with this reliable, massive, and trusted engine. 
Some of the other features you'll find on our customized machine include: side screw dollies, fully hydrostatic drives, proportional hydraulic steering, a powerful lighting kit compromised of LED lights, an armrest kit and a wall guide kit. 
Even with all of these additions, there's still more. 
So, what are the capabilities of these machines? We're glad you asked!
  • HYDRA 6: Handles up to 30k sq. ft. per step, per day. 3 tools per plate – 18 tools per machine.
  • HYDRA 10: Your mid-size option, capable of handling 125k sq. ft. per step, per day. With 6 tools per plate – 36 tools per machine.
  • HYDRA 12: This massive beauty is capable of handling 250k sq. ft. per step, per day (wow!). With 9 tools per plate, or 54 tools per machine.
Now Available: The HYDRA 6 and the HYDRA 10
On Their Way: The HYDRA 12
Interested, but want to try it before you buy? Contact us about our rental program. We have daily, weekly, and monthly rentals available. 
For more information on The HYDRA, or to request a sales booklet with full details on this cutting-edge machine, contact us here
The HYDRA Sales Sheet