Slurry. It's defined as a "watery mixture of insoluble matter (such as mud, lime, or plaster of paris). Or, in our case, concrete. 

Slurry, albeit messy, must be properly tested to be proven to be a non-hazardous special waste. Standard testing measures for all slurry disposal include a pH test, PFLT test, Sulfur test, and a TCLP test which includes metals, semi-volatiles and volatiles. Without a proper method of management and disposal, it can be a huge expense, both to the company producing it, and to the environment. It devastates waterways, it can erode metal, clog storm drains, cause flooding, and it's harmful to everything living. What exactly makes slurry water so dangerous? The silica, cadmium and many other pollutants in concrete slurry raise the pH levels, creating a toxic environment. To properly handle slurry waste, one must comply with all State and Federal regulations, and include a management, containment, and disposal plan. 

That's where SlurryMonster™ comes in. We've been in the concrete business for almost 20 years, and have designed, built, tested, and used our systems that are now available to you for years. We've seen the damage slurry can do to the environment and the pocketbooks of businesses -- so we're here to help. We're the first company to offer a complete slurry solution, not just parts of it. We break our slurry systems down into three categories: solidification, dewatering, or recycling. Our primary systems provide compliant methods of recycling, collection, testing, hauling, and disposal, and are designed to recycle and reuse the wastewater, cutting down on time spent managing slurry, and time gained for what matters most - the job. We're not offering pieced out slurry solutions, we offer everything you'll need for recycling and remediation, making SlurryMonster your one stop shop. All of our systems reduce labor, waste volume, and transportation costs. 

So what do our systems and kits do? Each one serves a very specific purpose. 

 - SlurryPack systems and kits are designed to dewater or recycle slurry solutions on the jobsite. 

 - WastePack systems and kits are designed for solidification of slurry while including spill protection.

 - WaterPack systems and kits are designed to convert readily available containers into non-potable water storage devices.    

 - HazPacks systems and kits enable you to dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous materials safely. 

 - SpillPacks systems and kits include everything you need for secondary containment to protect against on-site job spills. 

When we say we offer the entire solution for slurry management, we mean it. 

 - Kits and Systems: We offer both options, the difference between the two being the equipment and products. Our Kits come without equipment -- Systems include equipment and kits to make it a true and complete solution. With our systems and kits, you can choose or customize a solution for your slurry needs. 

 - Testing: When slurry is collected, it must be tested prior to landfill disposal. Landfills won't accept slurry without the proper testing and certification. We take care of the testing, and the manifests that are required for proper hauling and disposal. 

 - Hauling: Hauling the waste can be time consuming, and difficult to manage. That's why we offer hauling services of your waste as well. After the testing is completed and the manifest has been generated, we're then ready to schedule disposal. 

 - Disposal: We've partnered and entered into agreements with landfills Nationwide to manage and dispose of your slurry -- giving you back time and effort you'd spend with that task. 

When we say we offer the entire solution for slurry management, we mean it. We understand the headaches that come along with recovery, processing, testing, hauling, disposal, and compliance, and that's why we're here. We're solely dedicated to the management of slurry in all capacities and fields.

SlurryMonster is the complete slurry solution you've been looking for.