Bag Kits

Our Layflat Bag Kits provide quick dewatering while maintaining compliance. Kits come with side spouts allowing easy entry when placed on a flat surface. Kits come as a 6x6 Single 4x4, 12x4 Dual 3x3, 12x12 Quad 4x4, and a 12x12 sextuple 3x3.

We have multiple kits configurations to choose from:

  • 6x6 Single 4x4 Kit comes with: 6x6 SpillPack HD, (1) 4x4 FilterBag, WasteShield Tape, Polysheeting, and (1) Pallet
  • 12x4 Dual 3x3 Kit comes with: 12x4 SpillPack HD, (2) 3x3 FilterBags, WasteShield Tape, Polysheeting, and (2) Pallets
  • The 12x12 Quad 4x4 Kit comes with: 12x12 SpillPack HD, (4) 4x4 FilterBag, WasteShield Tape, Polysheeting, and (4)Pallets 
  • Our 12x12 Sextuple 3x3 Kit comes with: 12x12 SpillPack HD, (2) 12x4 WasteShields, (6) 3x3 FilterBags, WasteShield Tape, Polysheeting and (6) Pallets 
*WasteShield compartments available for wastewater separation


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