LUCID® (reduce pH, flocculate, encapsulate)

The LUCID line of chemicals is a proprietary granular blend designed for recycling wastewater and slurry type solutions while maintaining pH balance. But that's not all. LUCID not only reduces pH, it also neutralizes leachate water, encapsulates metals and particulates, separates solids from water keeping them in suspension, and flocculates slurry in preparation for filtration. 

We’ve color coded our LUCID line to the litmus strips you use: high, medium and low acid, to low, medium, high alkaline and neutral. This makes it easier to determine what you’re dealing with, and easier to determine the treatment needed just by looking at the packaging.

30 - 1 lb. single-dose packs come in a 5 gallon bucket. Each single pack is perfectly measured to maintain pH balance. Choose from HB, MB, LB, and N. 

pH Treatment Ranges: 

HB (High Base)  11+

MB (Medium Base)  9.5 - 11

LB (Low Base)  8 - 9.5

N (Neutral)  6.5 - 8


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