Electric SlurryPump

Welcome to the only SlurryPump you'll need! We've engineered our pumps to work efficiently, quickly, and be compact enough to not take any additional needed space in your trailer or on the jobsite. 

Our SlurryPumps are the perfect choice for an operator who wants the ability to easily transfer slurry from a collection vac or accumulation point, to a processing or waste point. 

The pumps are electric, and come with wheels and handles, making it easier to move around on the jobsite. 

The mixing tank that comes with the pump allows for improved mixing of dosed chemicals, and improves outbound flow to minimize hose kick and water hammer. 

Two-Threeway valves means quick change between feed tanks/totes, and processing tanks/totes. 


Frame – 19 inches W x 31 inches L x 22 inches T

Wheel Base  - 28 inches W

With 3 way Valves and Mixer Tank – 28 Inches W x 49.5 inches L x 37 inches T

In Operation – 36.5 inches W x 49.5 inches L x 37 inches T


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