A new era of our SlurryVac® is here.

This next generation comes in multiple versions. We’ve designed our vac line for specific solutions, making it easier than ever to pick what vac is best for you!

The pickup on our vacs, reliability, support, capabilities, and sustainability is inimitable. We’ve even re-designed our floor tool to be more durable and efficient, with various tooling options and caster wheels available. The best part? All of our vac options are designed and built right in our warehouse.

SlurryVac No-Valve™

Our no-valve SlurryVac is the ultimate starter vac for slurry pick up. This vac is used for collection only, with improvements of movement, durability, and overall function. Since there’s no valve installed, we recommend using our Sludge Gun for chemical mixing and pumping out your slurry into your waste containment setup.

SlurryVac One Valve™

Our one-valve vac sets the standard for our vac line capabilities. It’s designed to collect and extract fluids such as oils and water, which is great for industrial services. The single valve on this vac is located at the bottom of the drum to make it easy to manually discharge when the tank is full.

SlurryVac Dual Valve w/ Pump™

Mud, slurry, and water collection is made easy with our dual valve/pump vac. This vac makes it simple to discharge and extract with ease. The top valve allows for high volume extraction, while the bottom valve makes for easy manual discharge. We’ve installed a built-in pump, so you can mix, pump, and circulate all within this one piece of equipment.

SlurryVac VMP™

The MVP is the VMP vac, which stands for vacuum, mix, and pump, is specifically and specially designed for slurry collection. Our VMP is designed to pick up slurry, mix treatment chemicals in, and pump out your waste in a containment method of your choice without skipping a beat. It remains in a constant mixing state, allowing for quicker discharge and minimal downtime.  

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